22 Weeks

22 weeks
22 weeks
22 weeks
How far along? 22 weeks
Baby’s size: about 11.5 inches long (compared to a papaya or large mango) and weighs about 1.1 pound.
Total weight gain: 11 pounds
Clothes: Hudson boyfriend style jeans (a similar pair can be found here). They are non-maternity and not buttoned and only halfway zipped with the flaps tucked down. My white top is an Ingrid and Isabel Seamless Ruched Tank. Cardigan is J Crew. My flats were a Christmas present and from are Coach.
Workouts - Last week (Mar 17 – Mar 23):
  • 1 hour Barre class
  • 1 hour prenatal yoga
  • 1 hour spin class
Symptoms: Emotions. Like emotions with a capitol E. Gas…the end.
Movement: Baby likes to kick my left side near the bottom of my belly and the right side near the top…I guess it’s the way the baby is laying right now? I saw movement outside of my belly for the first time a couple of days ago.
What I’m eating: Still eating at least 2 avocados a week and plenty Herdez salsa on everything. Also I forgot to mention that green peas are my favorite “green” vegetable with zucchini coming in second. I make a bag of organic frozen peas at least once a week. Last week when I made a batch of my oat and almond granola, I used cinnamon as the spice and dried blueberries instead of raisins…they are delish!! I want cheese, all the cheese.
Drinking: I had a couple of Cosmic Cranberry kombuchas last week.  Zevia Ginger Ale. Decaf coffee with soy french vanilla creamer. Water.
Looking forward to: Our new hardwood floors and painting getting done.
Last week: We got the crib set up on Sunday morning! I ordered the Babyletto Hudson Convertible Crib and the Colgate Eco Classica III Dual Firmness Crib Mattress to go with it. The crib was easy to put together and looks better in person that it does online. The mattress fit perfectly and is so lightweight! It will be super easy to change the sheets!

Tropical Coconut Matcha Smoothie

Another yummy smoothie recipe to share! Made with healthy (and pretty popular right now) Matcha green tea powder and packed with protein from the yogurt (13 grams per serving) this smoothie is guaranteed to keep you going until lunch. It worked for me and I’m always hungry right now!

“The health benefits of matcha tea exceed those of green tea because when you drink matcha you ingest the whole leaf, not just the brewed water. One glass of matcha is the equivalent of 10 glasses of green tea in terms of its nutritional value and antioxidant content.” (Source)

Tropical Coconut Matcha Smoothie

Tropical Coconut Matcha Smoothie

  • 2 cups unsweetened almond milk
  • 2 – 6 ounce containers Siggi’s coconut yogurt
  • 1 cup frozen pineapple chunks
  • 1 large frozen banana, broken into chunks
  • 2 tablespoons flaked coconut (plus 1 tablespoon for garnishing)
  • 2 teaspoons matcha green tea powder


  • Place all ingredients in a high speed blender in the order listed. Run on “smoothie” setting. Serves 2.

21 Weeks

 21 weeks
Elissa and Ryder
Lots to talk about this week!
How far along? 21 weeks
Baby’s size: about the length of a carrot (around 11 inches) and weighs about a pound.
Total weight gain: 11 pounds
Clothes: I got my maxi dress on clearance from Belly Dance Maternity back in December before they went out of business. The maker is Cotton Glam. It’s actually a tube dress and I knew it would be perfect for a summer pregnancy. I can wear it after the baby but will most likely have to get the tube part taken in! My sweater is from Loft. Flip flops are Reef.
Workouts - Last week (Mar 10 – Mar 16):
  • 1 hour Barre class
  • 1 hour spin class
  • 1 hour Barre class
  • 2 different days I walked over 3 miles
Symptoms: So last Wednesday I had a scary moment. I was just sitting in the passenger seat of the car waiting for Travis to come outside and my feet and legs went numb and I felt dizzy. Instead of sitting still and maybe seeing if the feeling would pass, I thought it would be a good idea to go inside and lay down. By the time I got to the kitchen I was seeing black spots and had to hold on to the counter to keep from falling down. Travis helped me to the sofa and opened a window so I could get some air. I was better within a few minutes but was scared enough to call the doctor and see what they thought. After asking several questions and talking to a doctor the nurse said I didn’t need to come in but to call right away if it happened again because they might want to check my blood pressure and iron.
I also had 2 days in a row last week that my face and fingers were swollen when I woke up. Even after eating breakfast, showering and washing my face my face was still so puffy it was awkward putting eyeliner on. But I still did! Hello vanity!
Apparently I can no longer exercise AND have a really active day or I get really tired, cranky and therefore fussy. If I know I’ll be doing some planting/yardwork/housework or going on a long walk in the evening I need to skip spin class!
What I’m eating: Avocado toast. Avocados in taco salad. My sister Angela made her homemade mac-n-cheese and a salad with avocado, sunflower seeds, carrots and cucumbers when visited Saturday (pictured above). Breakfast is my favorite meal though and I shop in the yogurt section at Whole Foods like I’m looking for new shoes!
Drinking: La Croix sparkling water (I currently have the coconut and the orange flavors). Zevia Ginger Ale. Decaf coffee; I bought some soy french vanilla creamer last week…yum! All the water.
Looking forward to: We are getting estimates for new hardwood floors to be installed on our first floor and having our entire house painted (interior). Can’t wait for that to get started!
Funny: I feel the baby move all the time now, especially when I sit down after being active, anytime while I eating or after I eat or when I lay down on my back. Travis hasn’t been able to feel the bumps and kicks from the outside yet. Recently he probably sat with his hand on my belly for about 10 minutes while the baby was being super active. He said that he couldn’t feel the baby but he could feel my heartbeat. Oh my gosh, I laughed for the longest! He was confused and didn’t know what was so funny and I finally got it together to remind him where my heart is :)
Ultrasound results: I had my anatomy ultrasound last Friday. The baby was moving all around and kicking me while tech was checking all the parts out. We had to turn away twice so as not to ruin the gender surprise. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have known what I was looking at anyway but I obeyed and turned my head. She estimated the baby to be about 13 ounces and 10 inches long. Healthy and happy in there! Near the end of the ultrasound the tech told us that I had a low lying placenta or “partial placenta previa”. She warned me that I would have to have a follow up ultrasound in 8 weeks to see if it will move up. A lot of times if the placenta is low at this time in pregnancy it will move as the uterus grows but once you get around 28 weeks the odds are that will stay that way. If the placenta stays where it is I’ll have to have a c-section! Not in my plans at all (will talk more about birth plans later). I didn’t see the doctor until Monday (for my normal prenatal checkup and to go over the ultrasound) and she confirmed they are doing another ultrasound at 28 weeks but said that other than my uterus growing and the placenta moving out of the way by itself there’s nothing that can be done about it. She also prescribed me with pelvic rest which means until my next ultrasound 8 WEEKS FROM NOW no sex, no baths and no swimming!! Bleeding is a huge risk with placenta previa but I’ve had zero bleeding during my pregnancy. Since she said no sex I assumed that would also mean no work outs but when I asked the doctor she seemed to think spin class is fine but not sex…weird to me. The doctor was nice but I could tell she was rushed and I didn’t get to talk it like I wanted to. I’m still not convinced spin is ok or that abstaining from sex is necessary. From what I read doctors usually only suggest pelvic rest and restricted activities if the placenta is still low on the follow up ultrasound at 28 weeks in the 3rd trimester or if you’ve have other complications (which I haven’t). I plan to call the office back in the next day or 2 to talk about it.
Risks due to placenta previa include:
  • having to get a c-section because the placenta can bled as your cervix dilates in labor. My doctor said that usually they schedule the c-section for 37 0r 38 weeks to prevent you from going into labor by yourself
  • more at risk for also having placenta accreta which means the placenta doesn’t separate easily after the baby comes and it can cause massive bleeding. I’m going to stop now…

A Fun Gender Prediction Test

20 week ultrasound

20 weeks


We had our 20 week ultrasound today and got the double thumbs up that our baby is healthy and looking great! He or she weighs about 13 ounces and is around 10 inches long. We are waiting to be surprised with finding out the gender so I thought it would be fun to do a gender prediction! We’ll see if it turns out right once the baby arrives in July. There hasn’t been a little girl in our family in a long time so it would be sweet to have a girl but a boy would be just as awesome and he would have 2 boy cousins close to his age to play with.

1. If you have morning sickness, it’s a girl. If you don’t, it’s a boy.
Zero morning sickness, unless you count extreme tiredness. I never got sick or felt queasy even once. I had an aversion to some smells but that’s it.  Result: BOY

2. If you crave sweets, it’s a girl.  Craving sour/salt? It’s a boy.
Give me all the sweets. I dream about them. I pretend to bake big batches of brownies and multi-layer cakes. Pinterest can be dangerous! I stick to small servings of frozen yogurt a few nights a week and enjoy a weekly instead if daily splurge dessert.  Result: GIRL

3. Use a Chinese Gender Predictor to predict the sex, based on your due date and birthday.
The predictor on The Bump says girl and on Baby Center it says boy. So I figured…try a 3rd test and pick the 2 out of 3. Chinese Gender Chart says it’s a girl, so GIRL it is!  Result: GIRL

4. If the baby’s heartbeat is regularly above 140 bpm, it’s a girl.  Below 140 bpm — it’s a boy.
Baby’s heart rate has been in the 150’s or 160’s every appointment. Today at the ultrasound it was 148. However, when my sister Angela was expecting her first child the babies heartbeat was always in the 160’s and she had a boy. Result: GIRL

5. If you prefer sleeping on your right side, it’s a girl.  If you gravitate towards the left, it’s a boy.
I sleep on both sides but the right side is my fav.  Result: GIRL

6. If you’re extra moody, it’s a girl.  If you’re even-keeled, it’s a boy.
I definitely have my moods but I have to be honest, I have been mostly even-keeled. When I feel a potential stressful situation is coming I find this way to avoid the conflict or leave the room instead of engaging it (which normally isn’t like me). I haven’t even cried!  Result: BOY

7. If you’re clumsy, you’re having a boy. Graceful as can be?  It’s a girl.
I haven’t done anything I consider clumsy.  Result: GIRL

8. More headaches mean you’re having a boy, less means it’s a girl.
I’m not generally prone to headaches, but I did have a couple during my first trimester (apparently it’s pretty normal due to the increase in blood flow). I don’t consider those 2-3 headaches a lot so I’m saying girl. Result: GIRL

9. If your hands are soft, it’s a girl. If they’re dry, it’s a boy.
My hands are always dry, especially in the winter. Oddly enough this past winter they were less dry and I noticed how much softer they were before I saw this test!  Result: GIRL

10. If you’re carrying high, it’s a girl. If your belly is low, it’s a boy.
It may be too early to tell this one since I’m “only” 20 weeks. I posted a pic of myself on one of the baby apps on my phone and I had 5 girl votes and 1 boy vote. Result: GIRL

GIRL: 8 points  BOY: 2 points

Let’s see if the predictor is right or not!

20 Weeks

Sunday was amazing. Our days got longer. The high was 68! We worked in the yard and house and ended our day with a sunset cruise!
Sunday boating
daylight savings sunset
I posted this masterpiece on Instagram last week for #tbt. It’s something I drew when I was 4 years old…my mom expecting my younger sister Angela!
My mom expecting my sister Angela
12 weeks versus 20 weeks. I took the 20 week pic yesterday after spin class. What a change!
12 weeks vs 20 weeks
How far along? 20 weeks
Baby’s size: about the size of a banana and about 10 1/2 inches long from head to toes
Total weight gain: 10 pounds
Symptoms: I had the strangest thing happen today. I was sitting in the passenger seat of the car waiting for my fiance to come outside and my feet and legs got extremely tingly and right after noticing that I got very dizzy and lightheaded. For some reason instead of sitting still and relaxing I felt like I should go inside and lay down. I made it to the kitchen and almost fainted. Luckily Travis caught me and helped me to the sofa. I felt better after shutting my eyes for a few minutes but I still called my doctor’s office to see what they thought. They asked about how much water I had been drinking and what I had for breakfast. They mentioned that maybe my blood pressure and iron needed to be checked. Because I have had a healthy, normal pregnancy so far they decided that I didn’t need to come in and asked me just to monitor it and call back if/when it happens again. I have an appointment Friday for an ultrasound and next Monday for my regular check up so I’m not bothered about not being seen like I would be if my next appointment were a couple weeks away.
Clothes: I didn’t take my regular weekly pic today because I haven’t felt well since the almost fainting episode. I’ll tell you about my clothes from my Sunday boat trip. My plaid button up is Superdry brand (non-maternity). My tank is the same from last weeks update, a maternity ribbed knit jersey tank from Old Navy. My shorts are Target (non-maternity) and in case you wondered they aren’t buttoned or zipped…thanks belly band!
Workouts - Last week (Mar 3 – Mar 9):
  • 1 hour spin class
  • 1 hour prenatal yoga class
  • 4 miles on the elliptical
  • and another 1 hour spin class
Last week: We bought our current home last November knowing that it needed some updating. Our first 2 projects are getting hardwood floors installed and having the entire house painted. Last week we had 3 different contractors out to measure and quote for flooring. We’re excited to make a decision and get started with the reno! Also, as of Saturday we are finally experiencing constant spring whether. I’ve been digging old plants out of my potting containers outside, picking up sticks, trimming dead palm tree branches and just enjoying being in flip flops.
Cravings: Whole Foods brand of “cheerios” with milk or almond milk and best with banana and granola. Lemon hummus…I accidentally bought it but it was a good accident….it’s delish and SO good with rice crackers. Any kind of yogurt. After grocery shopping, I usually have 6-8 different flavors in the fridge. Avocados on toast. Avocados on chicken. Avocados in general. Stoneyfield organic creme caramel frozen yogurt. I’m proud that I can make a pint last 3 nights :)
Drinking: Decaf. Water. Zevia Ginger Ale. Coconut water. Unsweetened iced tea with fresh lemon.
Looking forward to: My ultrasound on Friday is top of the list. We also ordered our crib today to celebrate the 20 week mark. We decided on the Babyletto Hudson crib in white. I also got an organic crib mattress to go with it. Both are from All Modern. Free shipping and they will be here by Monday!

19 Weeks

19 weeks
19 weeks
How far along? 19 weeks
Baby’s size: about the size of a heirloom tomato and around 6 inches in length from head to rump.
Total weight gain: 8 pounds
Clothes: My top is a maternity ribbed knit jersey tank from Old Navy. Jeans are AG Adriano Goldschmied from A Pea in the Pod. Cardigan is from Target. Belt is from my closet…I don’t remember.
Feeling: Good overall but my lower back has been bothering me. If I sit in a straight backed chair or a booth at a restaurant I have to stuff my coat behind my back for support. Does that mean I’ll need to carry a granny lumbar pillow once the weather warms up? Oh no….
Workouts: Last week (Feb. 24 – Mar 2):
  • 1 hour spin class
  • 1 hour prenatal yoga class
  • 2 hour long serious house cleaning session which I count as a workout :)
  • and another 1 hour spin class
Last week: Kinda boring around here. It’s way colder than normal here. The average temp in Feb/early March is in the mid 50’s…when you consider that we have snow from 2 weeks ago still on the ground you know it’s been pretty freezy! I can’t wait for spring and planting my flowers and herbs!
Cravings: Also known known as “what I get excited about eating”. Salsa. If I make myself 2 scrambled eggs for lunch I eat about 1/3-1/2 cup of salsa with them. I also went crazy on the salsa with some tacos we ate last week. I’ve traded in my yogurt bowls a couple of mornings for Whole Foods brand organic O’s with homemade granola, sliced banana and either 1% milk or almond milk. The best!! I made some killer BBQ sauce from a Pioneer Woman recipe. It was all thick and molasses-y and garlic-y…I licked my fingers a lot! I also can’t get enough oranges and I eat one everyday.
Drinking:  Decaf coffee in the morning. At least 80 oz is water. When I work out it’s more like 100-120 oz. Still loving the occasional ginger ale. If we go out to eat I usually order unsweetened iced tea with lots of lemon…but I don’t drink it at home for whatever reason.
Looking forward to: Next week! I will be officially at the halfway point and we have our anatomy ultrasound scan scheduled. This is usually where you find out the sex of the baby but we are waiting to be surprised.