Soft Shell Crabs served with Baby Turnips and Greens

Dinner tonight was prepared by Travis and I together. Devin went to Virginia Beach with my neighbor yesterday evening and will be home in the morning. No teenager in the house to stick his nose up to our kitchen creations!

Earlier today while visiting with my Mom we went to a local butchery called Nadolski’s after going to the farmer’s market. Travis wanted to get some soft shell crabs for dinner as soon as he spotted them. I like them but I hate to fry. They turn out good when we make them at home but not as good as when we have them out. When I got them out of the refrigerator later on I had little surprise…they were alive! I’ve bought soft shells from Whole Foods before and they had already had their heads clipped off…imagine my surprise when I sprinkled salt on them and they started wiggling!! Travis was outside working in the garage and I called to him from an open window, “Travis, come here!”. He asked me to wait just a second and came walking upstairs shortly after. When I showed him he freaked out too and didn’t want to kill them. He insisted on Google searching and see what we needed to do and I patiently waited, happy that he was going to do the killing. Here he is…along with our nosy labradoodle, Walter:

While Travis was taking care of the crabs I got busy with the baby turnips (a farmer’s market purchase):

I sauteed half of a small onion in a little extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. Once the onion was soft I added the turnips, then the turnip greens, 1/2 cup chicken stock, then placed the top on the skillet and let it simmer until the turnips were soft. We served them with a few dashes of white wine vinegar. YUM!

The finished plate:

Randolph staring at the empty plate after the soft shells were eaten.

And this is me, feeling good and happy after a nice dinner!

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