Cherry Peppers with Goat Cheese

We visited the South of the James farmers market this morning and as always we met some cool people and got some great things. Turnips, local honey, fresh local oysters, local sausage and lamb loin chops, homemade dog treats and an assortment of peppers (small red sweet peppers, habaneros, and thai chilis) from a place called Village Garden in Mechanicsville.

When I asked Barbara from Village Garden for some recipe ideas for the small, red cherry peppers and she said to cut the tops out, remove the seeds and roast them under the broiler for a few minutes to heat them up and soften them slightly. After that you stuff them with goat cheese. YUM!!

For dinner tonight I decided to make appetizers. The peppers, some shrimp cooked with garlic and lemon and some of the raw oysters we got today. The seafood was amazing but the peppers were my fav. I liked them so much I might try to get some more and have them as an appetizer for Thanksgiving 🙂

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