Pan seared Salmon

Dinner tonight was delicious for many reasons! Mostly because I had a very long day and wanted something nice AND easy to make.

This morning I made smoothies, drove my son to school and then dropped my brother off at the community college he attends (his car is out of commission). Worked out, showered and was sitting in my spanish class all before 11am.

After spanish class I had a group project meeting from 12:30pm- 4pm in the library and another class from 4-6:40pm.

Busy day!

Seared salmon

My favorite way to cook salmon is to simply salt and pepper both sides, get a non stick skillet very hot and add some sprays of an organic extra virgin olive oil spray. Sear both sides of the salmon at the medium-high heat to get a nice crust on the outside and a medium well temp inside. Tonight we ate it with steamed broccoli and cauliflower sprinkled with nutritional yeast and some pine nut cous cous!

P.S. It’s finals time so tomorrow will be just as busy 🙂


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