My Tuesday and cooking for a friend

Yesterday I woke up around 8am, made a protein smoothie for breakfast and went off for a chiropractic exam. I have been seeing Dr. Luke at River City Chiropractic since last October for compressed discs in my lower spine. I went for an adjustment and a new back scan… he does these every couple months to see how you’re progressing.

After my scan and adjustment I went off to Kroger to get ingredients I needed to make a meal for my friend Dana that just had twin girls last week! Congrats to Dana and Dale!!

When I returned from the store I worked out (1 hour on elliptical), showered and then started cooking.

I made a double batch of Dottie’s Pasta Salad. Some for Dana and some for us. The red and yellow tomatoes are all from my roof garden!

Dottie's Pasta Salad

I also made a double batch of BBQ chicken. The sauce is A-Maz-iNg! It’s from The Poineer Woman’s blog. I bought packages of bone-in breasts and legs and just started the breasts about 20 minutes before I started the legs (cooking them on two separate sheet trays). I left out the Chipotle Sauce because Dana doesn’t like spicy foods, used shallots instead of onion because it’s what I had but otherwise followed the recipe exactly. The sauce is tangy and sweet and the directions of cooking the chicken first, broiling it THEN adding the sauce really helps for the sauce to stick to the chicken and become thick. 

the Poineer Woman's bbq sauce

Here’s the care package for Dana: pasta salad, chicken, extra bbq sauce and a Banana Bread Cake. I was supposed to eat dinner with them but the chicken looked so good I couldn’t wait and had a leg before I left the house.

pasta salad, bbq chicken and banana cake

After returning from Dana’s I rested for a while with my laptop, then Travis and I went out to open mic night at Poe’s Pub for a couple hours. I never did get to taste the banana bread cake and I only used half of the icing that I made for the recipe…it might be time to make our own cake today!

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