Estate Sale finds

Get ready to be jealous, awe-struck and start singing “because I’m happy…” all at the same time.  I went to an estate sale recently and totally scored. My awesome finds were more awesome because it was the 4th day of the sale and everything was 50% off and negotiable.

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you may have already seen some of this. If so, here it is again!

Wrought iron bench with a high back and twisty-cool details. I’m going to do some research on refinishing it before diving in. It would look good on my porch or balcony or even in the entryway!

wrought iron bench

Left to right: Garden decor lady head thingy. A planter made out of a tree stump? YES! Awesome small, framed mirror (only $2.50!). Mercury glass ornament.

estate sale finds

Ole whisky jar with corncob stopper. Travis really wanted this. Not sure what to do with it yet but some research shows that they go for $70-90 online and we paid $15.

whisky jug

Brass pot with small lion heads from the 1950’s…$30.00.

Palm tree…FREE!

I also bought the small round stool for only $20. As soon as I realized that it swiveled I had to have it. Plans are to sand, paint it and recover.

brass pot and small bench

Buddha! Isthiscrazycoolorwhat?


Have you ever gone to an estate sale? If so, what are your favorite finds?

“Because I’m happy!!” Sorry…now it’s stuck in my head!!



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