23 Weeks

23 weeks
23 weeks
How far along? 23 weeks
Baby’s size: around 12.5 inches long or the length of an ear of corn and about 1.25 pounds
Total weight gain: 14 pounds
Clothes: My top is from Pink Blush maternity. Shorts are from Target last year.
Workouts – Last week (Mar 24 – Mar 30):
  • 1 hour spin class
  • 2 hour house cleaning session
  • 1 hour prenatal yoga
  • 4 miles on the elliptical
Symptoms: Emotions were still running high for me this past week. When this wave of “yuck” comes over me and I don’t want to talk to anyone, or have them talk to me. It’s hard feeling  that way. Knowing it’s there but being powerless it stop it.
Movement: The baby still likes to kick my left side mainly and my right side near the top of my belly. Last week I started feeling the baby move when I was laying on my side. Travis still hasn’t felt it but from the outside yet. But with my mood last week he probably didn’t want to touch me!
What I’m eating: Diced sweet potatoes baked in coconut oil. Taco salad with double avocado because that’s what happens when they are both ripe and perfect at the same time! Red and green grapes. Seared salmon. Roasted asparagus. My yogurt, banana, blueberries and granola bowls. Scrambled eggs with plenty of Herdez salsa. After telling both of my sisters that I buy pints of frozen yogurt and actually stick to the 1/4 cup – 4 servings per container rule, I ate 2/3 of a container by myself one night. It was mint chocolate chip heaven!
Drinking: Water. Cranberry pomegranate juice.  Unsweetened iced tea with lemon. Zevia ginger ale. Nepresso decaf coffee.
Last week: I talked to my sister Zandria on the phone for a record 4 hours on Friday evening!
Found that my friend Emily is pregnant! She somehow made it to 18 weeks without knowing she was expecting. I was in shock when she texted me an ultrasound pic and the baby looked similar in size to what mine did just a couple of weeks ago! (Versus the 8 week baby nugget pic most people would get on their first scan.) She said she felt a hard mass in her belly and figured she was either pregnant or had a tumor. Emily is a CNA studying to be an RN, owns a boat rental business with her fiance, is fun and active and carefree and lives on a boat in Key West, Florida. Congrats Emily and Rick on your little boy due in August!!
Looking forward to: The contractors are starting on our new floors on April 8th! Also on Saturday the 4th we’ll be celebrating Easter at my sister Angela’s house.

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  1. ElissaM says:

    No…though I have switched my rings by accident after putting on lotion! I think it’s just the mirror image.

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