25 Weeks

25 weeks
I took this last night from nursery (the closet doors are mirrored). The boxes are some of our new hardwood flooring that is acclimating to the environment of the house. Our house was originally a brick rancher and later it had a large living room addition with vaulted ceilings, a foyer and a 2nd story added. This room does have some original hardwood flooring but it’s also half plywood. If the old flooring had been consistent we would have saved it instead of covering it.
How far along? 25 weeks
Baby’s size: around 14 inches long (compared to a hothouse cucumber) and about 1.75 pounds
Total weight gain: 17 pounds. Same as last week. Maybe I was bloated last week and this week is the real thing…or my weight gain has slowed up some. I hope to keep it at 25-30 pounds total and I’m sure I’ll be closer to 30!
Clothes: Maternity jersey cami from Old Navy. Maternity chevron stripe jersey maxi shirt from Old Navy. I love my AG Adriano Goldschmied denim jacket from Saks Fifth Avenue (non-maternity) so much that I bought a sleeveless denim jacket from Target for the warmer weather.
Workouts – Last week (April 7 – April 13):
  • 1 hour spin class
  • 30 minute spin class
  • Cleaned our pool for over an hour
  • 1 hour prenatal yoga
  • 1 hour spin class
Symptoms: Crazy heartburn, especially in the afternoons around 4. My belly button is really flattening out and much wider than normal.
Movement: Kicking out of control. It’s starting to wake me up at night. I always like to know the baby is doing well and I guess this is my proof!
What I’m eating: My yogurt, fruit and homemade granola bowls. Smoothies with coconut flavored protein powder. All tacos are my friends: fish, shrimp, beef or chicken. That includes taco salad! Sandwiches of all kinds. I grabbed some fresh corn on the cob from Whole Foods last week and we had it for dinner twice. If I make corn, I also make asparagus or broccoli or another green veggie since corn has a large amount of starch.
Drinking: Water. Unsweetened iced tea with lemon. Cranberry kombucha. Nepresso decaf coffee.
Last week: Our floor demo started on the 8th. My house is covered in a fine, white, chalky, filmy, dusty substance. I’m feeling appreciative and happy that we can afford to make these changes but I’m ready to have my house and kitchen back! We’ve been eating out a lot because it’s impossible to even make a sandwich, eggs or heat something up with all the commotion and dust flying. I try to make dinner here every night but it requires about 30 minutes of cleaning before I can even get started with the meal.
I had my 24 week baby checkup last week. The baby’s heartbeat was at 150 and everything else was routine and normal. My next appointment at 28 weeks will be a long one. I have the glucose test, regular checkup and an ultrasound to check on the low lying placenta previa. I’ll be there over 3 hours! After that appointment I’ll start my every 2 week doctor visits.
Looking forward to: When the floors and painting are done I can stencil the nursery and start getting that set up!

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