26 Weeks

26 weeks
26 weeks
How far along? 26 weeks
Baby’s size: around 14.5 inches long (compared to a cauliflower) and about 2 pounds
Total weight gain: 18 pounds
Clothes: Black tank is from Free People (non-maternity, just bought a medium instead of my typical small). White shorts are from Target. I usually wear a size 6 in Target shorts because they run small (my normal size in most pants/shorts is a 4 or 27 waist) but I got these in a size 8 low rise fit and they not only zip but they also button under my belly! Maternity win! All for $19.99 and free shipping. Hopefully they will fit until the end of my pregnancy and help me transition back into my regular clothes.
Workouts – Last week (April 14 – April 20):
  • 4 miles on the elliptical
  • Lots of cleaning due to floor demo and install being done and right after they finished the painters started. I skipped a couple of workouts at the end of the week due to being tired from all of this work, then on Sunday and Monday I suffered from allergies so bad I could barely move off of the sofa. I hate missing workouts and hope to have a better report next week!
Symptoms: Nothing new here. I will mention the allergies that I’ve been suffering with again. I’ve NEVER had allergy problems! I think it may have hit me this year because of a lessened immunity due to being pregnant. That is far from an official diagnosis but I do hope they NEVER come back.
Movement: My little night owl! Every time I change position at night so does the baby 🙂
What I’m eating: Breakfast food is still my favorite: yogurt/granola/fruit bowls and smoothies. I discovered Whole Foods coconut fruit bars this week. No. Words. Yum.
Drinking: I bought a growler of Barefoot Bucha Cherry root flavored kombucha at Whole Foods. It’s made locally and I’d like to think sipping it helped me through my allergy woes. Water. Unsweetened iced tea with lemon. Nepresso decaf coffee.
Last week: Officially under 100 days until my due date! This week also marks the point in my pregnancy when I started getting comments on being pregnant everywhere I go. I’ve been showing for a long time but I guess there’s a certain point in pregnancy when strangers begin easily recognizing the bump.  We went to 2 estate sales last weekend, Home Depot, out to eat, Food Lion, Whole Foods…every single place I went I got at least a comment…twice I got asked when I was due…once someone let me in line in front of them. I don’t mind at all! It’s fun!
Looking forward to: Our reno is almost done! The floors are finished. The stairs are being sanded and stained. The painters have only a couple of rooms left to paint. Can’t wait to get my house back together and share a before and after post!

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