A Day of Canning with my Mom

My Mom called me last weekend and asked me if I wanted some crabapples to make jelly with. She also asked me if I remember making it using crabapples from her friend Jane’s tree when I was younger…of course!! But the answer to the first question was no…unless I can come to your house and make it so you can show me how to do it! We decided it was a date. Here are some pictures…

My brother, Isaac, picking crabapples from the tree in Mom’s backyard:

Me, pureeing green peppers for old fashioned green pepper jelly:

A bucket of crabapples:

We stemmed them and halved them and then boiled them for 20-30 minutes. When they are soft you strain them through a cloth to get the juice to use to make jelly:

Focusing on our work:


The green pepper jelly looks weird but tastes funky-good. It’s supposed to be good on a cracker with cream cheese but I haven’t tasted that yet:

This is taken from the last page of the Ball canning booklet dated 1972. I thought things like this stopped being printed after the 1920’s!!

Some jars of red crabapple jelly that I got to take home:

From top left; tomatoes, green beans, crabapple jelly and green pepper jelly. My Mom had canned the tomatoes and green beans last weekend and gave me a jar each to try. One bushel of green beans produced 20 quart jars for her pantry! I was impressed! Maybe I’ll try this at home one day πŸ™‚